There’s never been a remote monitoring solution like Healthsense.

Healthsense is the only remote monitoring service that monitors seniors’ behavior, and the only one that delivers 100% compliance.

The Healthsense remote monitoring service is based on industry-leading technology that provides you with up-to-the minute information. Passive monitors track activities of daily living (ADLs). And, our proprietary analytics deliver actionable insight, every day. No other remote monitoring solution can do what Healthsense does.

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Watch how it works.

Healthsense innovation delivers proven ROI.

See how Healthsense performs in real-world situations, and see why more and more senior care organizations are choosing Healthsense.

Better Care

Managed Care
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  • Fewer hospitalizations
  • Reduced ER visits & associated costs
  • Seniors live at home longer
  • $687 Less cost pm/pm
  • 15.8% Reduction in cost of care
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Assisted Living
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  • Better overall care
  • Ability to identify additional services needed
  • Greater staff efficiency
  • 27% Fewer Moveouts
  • 3x Revenue increase
  • 40 Hrs staff efficiency per 42 residents
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  • Care when/where needed
  • Better health
  • More independence
  • Better quality of life