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Our service revenue has increased because we’re able to see what’s going on and what residents need.


A new technology solution delivers better care and proven results.

Ebenezer is a full-spectrum senior care system, with a tradition of care that reaches back over 90 years. Ebenezer has 60 communities in 37 cities, serving 5,000 seniors in residential housing.

We’ve been using Healthsense remote monitoring services for more than seven years. We looked at other systems, and chose Healthsense because of its open infrastructure. We’re part of Fairview Health Services, a major provider network here in the Twin Cities, so we work closely with clinical care. And Healthsense’s open architecture makes it possible to communicate with those clinical care systems.

Healthsense remote monitoring services allow us to handle a higher level of acuity at our residences. And it’s helped us transition from basic safety to a more sophisticated medical model. Now we’re better at predicting changes in health. We’re learning about impending situations that might call for an ER visit or hospitalization, and are working more closely with our clinicians.

Of course, safety is a huge concern. Our residents feel more secure with the Healthsense system, and their families love it. The technology demonstrates that we’re more on top of things. We can see when there’s something unusual or out of the ordinary in residents’ activities.

From a financial standpoint, our service revenue has increased, and part of that is because we’re able to see what’s going on and what residents need. We’re able to show families where their loved one needs more services. And we more than cover the cost of the Healthsense system by providing needed services to seniors in our communities.

We’ve had some surprises, too — very good surprises. Our staff has embraced the technology. When you have more information you can deploy your care staff where they are most needed, and there’s less burnout. Our staff turnover has gone down. And so has resident turnover.

Healthsense has had an impact from a marketing aspect as well. Prospective residents and their families are impressed. People have told us, “Wow — that’s really different!” And as our older population is expanding, this narrows the gap for us.

Mark Thomas, President and CEO
The Ebenezer Society
Minneapolis, MN

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