We cut our resident turnover rate to 50% of the national average.


A new technology solution delivers better care and proven results.

The Lutheran Home Association was founded 1898. Today, we have 8 campuses and over 800 residents. Our services run the gamut from skilled nursing, assisted living and senior independent housing programs to disability housing.

We began using Healthsense remote monitoring services in 2008. Healthsense uses a unique remote monitoring system that enhances care delivery, lowers costs, and helps to generate service package revenue. We’ve noticed the difference in a variety of ways.

Healthsense really drives caregiving to where it’s needed most. We work to provide everyone with the same level of service, yet you always have a percentage of that population whose needs are changing. Healthsense remote monitoring services can help predict that. That’s incredibly important from an ROI standpoint. How do you keep people living in their own homes longer so you don’t have to turn over units and increase your vacancy rate? That’s been kind of an ‘aha’ moment for a lot of us.

Healthsense remote monitoring has allowed people to stay in their units longer, so our resident turnover rate has dropped fairly significantly. Today our turnover rate is 16% compared to 27% a year ago. And to consider the industry average of 30-40% — we’re now at half that. We’re believers that Healthsense actually reduces staffing and staff turnover, too.

One story has always stuck with me. We had a woman in independent living with a chronic heart condition and early dementia — and she was a fragile diabetic on top of it. The family was overwhelmed, trying to decide, “Well, do we have to move her into a different type of setting?”

We added Healthsense remote monitoring, and more care services for this resident. We were able to keep her in independent living for an additional 21 months. If she had been placed in a nursing home that would have cost somewhere around $150,000 per year. And if you calculate the cost of assisted living memory care, you’re probably talking around $5,000 per month in costs.

It really shows the impact of the Healthsense system in maintaining people’s dignity and their desire to remain in their homes as long as possible.

Michael Klatt, President and CEO
The Lutheran Home Association
Belle Plaine, MN

Healthsense remote monitoring services are helping to create success stories at senior care communities all across the country. Yours could be the next.

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