We increased service package revenue by at least 20%.


A new technology solution delivers better care and proven results.

Northfield Retirement Community is an affiliate of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America. We have about 400 residents on our campus. Although we’re not considered a continuing care retirement community, we possess all the components, from skilled nursing to independent housing. Our nursing home consists of 42 skilled beds, and the community as a whole includes about 248 total units (all housing with services). We have about 250 employees.

We’ve had Healthsense remote monitoring services since 2008. Although we looked at other systems, the largest factor in selecting Healthsense was its comprehensive information package. Now we’re able to get more data and use the information to make sure that people get the best service packages available, based on their own condition.

The biggest surprise out of this, from my perspective, is that we’ve been able to keep folks in a less regulated housing option for extended periods of time — between 6 to 12 months longer on average. In fact, the average age in our independent living is 89, which is significantly higher than the national average.

We’ve had tremendous growth here since we started working with Healthsense and using their system, because we’ve been able to offer more services.

And that has created additional revenue. I’d say revenue has increased at least 20% — maybe even higher. Plus, we’ve added new staff because of the service packages we’ve had available to us. Healthsense remote monitoring services has definitely strengthened our bottom line. But probably the most important thing is the fact that we were able to do exactly what we set out to do: keep our clients in their housing option for as long as possible.

Most residents, as well as their families, like the Healthsense system. Our staff has been appreciative of the system, too. They rely on Healthsense remote monitoring services to notify them when there’s a possible alert. The information we receive through Healthsense — for instance, wanting to know if someone’s sleep medication is helping — is easy to pull up and respond to rapidly. So we feel we can deliver a higher level of care.

Just anecdotally, in the past, our nursing home community was our largest revenue engine compared to our housing communities. Over the last year-and-a-half, this number has gone from being a 70-30 split, nursing home revenue to housing, to at least 50-50.

Kyle Nordine, CEO
Northfield Retirement Community
Northfield, MN

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