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Emergency Call Systems

eCall™, a state-of-the-art emergency call system, provides safety & security for residents, enables faster alert response times, and improves workflows through customization and data reporting. eCall operates on a secure and robust enterprise-grade Wi-Fi platform that provides a scalable long-term solution, far surpassing traditional call systems and proprietary wireless networks. With eCall, care providers receive immediate notifications of alerts with information about the resident’s location. eCall also supports custom prompts and reminder calls to help staff and residents remember daily tasks, including reminders for medication and wellness, i.e. hydration or physical therapy. Every alert and staff response is time-stamped and recorded. This information is available through Healthsense data reports that are shared with key team members to track and improve care.


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  • Wi-Fi location awareness
  • Data reports to analyze call pendant 
    usage and care staff response times
  • Red light on devices indicates alert has
    been sent
  • Custom call trees for tiered response plans 
  • 24/7 monitoring for functionality and
    battery life 
  • Complete history of all alerts and events
  • Call back feature allows staff to connect 
    to resident after receiving call 
  • Staff-to-staff calling with portable phones 
  • Add-on options: remote and vital sign monitoring technology, smoke detector connectivity and more

How It Works 

Residents initiate alerts with wireless pendants and pull cords throughout the community. Staff receive calls on portable phones with information about the alert and the resident’s location.

Enhanced Care with Health and Wellness Questions

eCall can be scaled to include interactive Health and Wellness questions to manage residents’ geriatric syndromes and chronic conditions. Residents receive interactive voice response (IVR) phone calls and respond to each question by following simple verbal prompts. (For example, a call may inquire about a resident’s shortness of breath. The resident would respond via a scaled 1-5 level to indicate level of acuity.) Health and Wellness questions deliver a wealth of information to care providers. Each set of daily questions is reported to the caregiver via email, delivering improved and timely health status information to help care providers take action quickly and produce the best possible outcomes.


  • Benchmark response times with data reports
  • Ensure resident safety & security 
  • Use enterprise-grade Wi-Fi for applications throughout community
  • Easily share system information with care staff through voice and email 
  • Track metrics with detailed reports for response times, alert frequencies for residents and more
  • Align with current workflows for call response
  • Coordinate care with custom reminder calls
  • Verify staff compliance for tasks

eCall includes customized call lists for alert responses, allowing care providers to fit existing workflows and ensure that all calls are responded to quickly. Alert call lists can include multiple phone numbers and follow an escalation pattern that might vary based on time of day, shift, care setting or specific resident. Like all Healthsense technology, both eCall alerts and responses are time stamped and recorded. Healthsense data reports give caregivers the information they need to truly understand resident patterns, monitor staff efficiency, and assess workflows.




Alert call lists can be customized to use multiple responder numbers and match shift workflows

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